The Crestwood Academy
Unique Training Program

Crestwood spends much time acquiring and evaluating the absolute best drivers in each city, because we believe our clients deserve cordial service, personal attention, and a clean and safe environment. Experienced and refined in the art of chauffeuring, these gentlemen are the very finest in their field. The Crestwood Academy chauffeur training program was exclusively designed by us, using 35 years of experience, with the intention of shaping the best chauffeurs. Crestwood provides a unique and unprecedented training style with professional elements to ensure that your chauffeur is experienced, reliable, punctual, well-mannered, and a safe driver.

Training is provided to candidates in person by live instructors in both a classroom setting and on the road. The performance of our chauffeurs is continuously monitored, and additional recurring training material is provided periodically.

The Highest Expectations
Only qualified, respectful, and loyal candidates are chosen to enter the Crestwood Academy training program. Chauffeurs are extensively trained in the fields of hospitality and customer service, so you can expect your car door to be opened for you and your chauffeur to carry your luggage. Your courteous chauffeur will be sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your ride; adjusting music, climate control, offering bottled water and phone chargers, or connecting Wi-Fi to your mobile devices.
Safety and Defensive Driving
Crestwood’s chauffeurs are safe, careful drivers, which is proven by the possession of clean driving records and recurring defensive driving training. Crestwood considers safety to be paramount, therefore chauffeurs are not employed without a full background check, drug testing, and clear driving history. Our chauffeurs are professionally trained to always remain calm and composed, especially during difficult driving conditions such as obstructive traffic or poor weather. All chauffeurs are properly licensed and insured, meeting or exceeding all state and federal requirements.
Modern Technology
Crestwood offers elegant vehicles with premium features suited to the needs of discerning business and leisure travelers. Using the latest GPS integrated apps, our chauffeurs learn how to fully prepare for each trip and how to select the best route by avoiding traffic, accidents, bumpy roads, and construction areas. Our flight tracking integration feature is utilized to detect early or delayed flights to be sure your chauffeur arrives promptly prior to your flight’s arrival. Chauffeurs are trained in assisting passengers to connect Wi-Fi to mobile devices and laptops, as well as integrating vehicle audio systems with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
Through the cleanliness portion of our training program, chauffeurs fully understand how to keep themselves and passengers in a clean and safe environment. Your Crestwood luxury vehicle will arrive at your pickup location in pristine condition inside and out. Vehicles are sanitized before each trip begins with safe and effective EPA approved, non-toxic disinfectants. Crestwood chauffeurs have been thoroughly trained on the service standards of how to safely clean and disinfect vehicle interiors between rides. Cleanliness training is provided to chauffeurs on a recurring basis and disinfection programs are frequently upgraded to adopt the latest and best practices.
Dress Code and Discretion
Our chauffeurs are of the highest standards with advanced formal qualifications dressed in smart, dark suits, shirt, and tie. Crestwood’s chauffeurs are immaculately presented, polished and well-groomed, our chauffeurs will always be polite, helpful, and discreet. Chauffeurs are trained to respect the privacy of passengers and will not push you into conversation; allowing you to relax during your trip. Crestwood chauffeurs are trained to provide the ultimate in traditional luxury chauffeur driven travel with added security and confidentiality for a safe journey.
Landmarks and Local Geography
Your knowledgeable chauffeur will be able to easily obtain parking at airports or events, navigate pick up and drop off zones, select the best toll or non-toll routes, and solve any complications that may arise along the ride. Accessing up to the minute traffic reports assists in the avoidance of roadwork or traffic jams during your journey. We select experienced chauffeurs who possess a wealth of knowledge about the cities in which they drive, giving you the option to learn more about your destination, if you choose. Crestwood’s chauffeurs know the majority of local routes off hand.