Company Overview

Crestwood has a unique identity among the world’s leading luxury transportation services. With thousands of accomplished chauffeurs and millions of trips completed, Crestwood is one of the largest privately owned car and limousine service companies. Established in New York City in 1985, we now operate in over 700 prestigious cities. Every element of your ride is carefully considered to cater an unparalleled level of elegance and sophistication. We set our sights high and our standards higher, aiming always to satisfy our customers.

Crestwood is known for its impeccable service and attention to detail, and our success depends greatly on the dedication and graciousness of our office staff and chauffeurs. Crestwood commissions an experienced 24 hour team of reservation specialists, dispatch professionals, travel managers, event planners, and trained chauffeurs to meet every request and exceed every expectation.
Over Three Decades of
Devoted Service
Crestwood has stood the test of time and has thrived for over 35 years. As we celebrate this special moment in our history, we honor that history with a commitment to protecting your health and supporting your wellness
Along The Way

Every experience with Crestwood is anchored by a passion for excellence. Crestwood is as committed to defining the future of luxury transportation as it has been to preserving its heritage of the past. User-friendly cutting-edge technology makes Crestwood an industry leader, with the latest innovations being high precision software which offers various simple reservation options, immediate confirmation emails upon booking, automated pre-trip email reminders, and prompt detailed receipts to reconcile expenses. GPS integration allows seamless tracking, reservation, and billing processes. Encryption and firewalls are utilized to safeguard our clients’ personal and financial information.

Text and email alerts with chauffeur location and contact information allow for quick and easy communication and pickup. Never search for or wait for a driver; your Crestwood chauffeur will be waiting for you ahead of time, at your leisure.


Crestwood chauffeurs are carefully selected from an exclusive pool of candidates. Our chauffeurs are thoroughly trained professionals you can trust to transport yourself, your clients, family members, and business associates. Crestwood offers recurring hospitality and etiquette training programs, granting assurance that our chauffeurs are courteous, respectful, safety-minded, and well-mannered

To become an approved Crestwood chauffeur, candidates must possess flawless driving records, participate in a strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and submit to lengthy state and federal background checks. Stringent defensive driving, cleanliness, and safety training are mandatory.